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The solution to detect missing ringbuoys

RIng-buoys go missing on a regular basis, being removed and discarded by thoughtless members of society. There is a risk that these life-saving devices will not be available when they are really needed. It is costly and inconvenient to continuously monitor them, especially at remote locations or places with limited parking, and there is always the risk that there will be intervals during which they remain missing.

There is a solution now: Telemonitron's Missing Ring-Buoy Monitor. This affordable device, based on IoT technology, detects when a ring-buoy and rope are removed, and immediately alerts authorities by email, dashboard, and optionally by text too. It also emits a visible alert at the same time, and can have audible alert too as an option. The device fits neatly into the ring-buoy casing, but can also be used with wall mounted systems as it is IP68 rated.

Current and historical status are available in Telemonitron's dashboard, called Panamonitor.