Missing Ring-buoy Monitor

Missing Ring-buoy Monitor

The unfortunate reality is that ring-buoys, these critical life-saving devices, often go missing due to careless actions. The absence of these essential tools can pose serious risks, especially in situations where every second counts. Moreover, regularly monitoring these devices, especially in distant or hard-to-reach areas, can be both expensive and inconvenient. However, the solution is at hand with Telemonitron’s innovative approach.

Introducing the Missing Ringbuoy Monitor

Leveraging the power of IoT technology, our Missing Ringbuoy Monitor provides an effective and efficient way to safeguard our shores. The moment a ring-buoy and its attached rope are removed, the device springs into action. This affordable device, based on IoT technology, detects when a ring-buoy is removed, and alerts authorities by email, dashboard, and optionally by text too. Designed for ease of use and adaptability, this compact device seamlessly integrates into the ring-buoy casing. As a retrofit solution, it is apt for a broad spectrum of casing designs and is available in eye-catching shades of yellow, red, and orange.

Stay Informed with Panamonitor

Beyond immediate alerts, our dedicated dashboard, Panamonitor, allows users to track both current and historical statuses. This ensures that you are not only informed but can also discern patterns, optimize monitoring strategies, and ensure that safety is consistently upheld. With Telemonitron’s Ring-buoy Monitor, you can have peace of mind knowing that our coastal and waterway safety features are always in place, ready to serve their vital purpose.


Minimum temperature 


Maximum Temperature



Designed to fit multiple styles of casing (non-contact solution)


Scanning frequency 



IoT technology

NB-IoT. Others upon request


Annual subscription to Panamonitor  or API service required to retrieve dáta



130mm x 50mm x 52mm
Direct installation into casing;
Will fit many styles of casing
Yellow, Red, Orange;
Others upon request
Lithium primary;
2-3 years


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Ensuring the availability and proper placement of lifebuoys in public places is paramount for community safety. Lifebuoys act as crucial lifesaving tools, ready to respond to emergencies near water bodies. Placing them in strategic locations, such as beaches, lakesides, and pools, serves as a proactive measure to prevent tragic incidents like drownings. Immediate access to lifebuoys significantly enhances the chances of rescuing individuals in distress, bridging the critical gap between an emergency and professional assistance.

Equally vital is the maintenance of these life-saving devices. Regular checks and consistent monitoring guarantee that lifebuoys remain in their designated spots, ensuring their functionality when needed. That is where the Telemonitron versatile Missing Ring-buoy Monitor can be effectively deployed. This device is suitable for many different stuyle of housings for lifebuoys and is really easy to fit. If the ring-buoy goes missing, an alert is then sent to authorities.

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