Crack Monitor

Crack Monitor

Monitoring cracks in large structures like buildings and bridges has traditionally been a labor-intensive manual task, lacking real-time feedback. Enter the Telemonitron Crack Monitor — a ground-breaking electronic solution designed to keep a vigilant eye on structural health. Our sensor meticulously reports the status and progression of cracks, ensuring that even the minutest changes don’t go unnoticed. Its prolonged battery life boasts an impressive autonomy of at least three years, making it an ideal choice for long-term monitoring

Designed for Challenging Environments

One of the standout features of the Telemonitron Crack Monitor is its adaptability to hard-to-reach locations, traditionally deemed cumbersome and expensive to monitor. Whether it’s a tall wall or the underside of a bridge, our sensor seamlessly fits, reducing the frequency of regular manual check-ups. Moreover, with the added functionality of vibration monitoring, the device doesn’t just track crack advancements but also captures the subtlest of movements that could indicate potential structural issues.

Reliable Connectivity with NB-IoT Network

To ensure that you stay updated in real-time, the Telemonitron Crack Monitor leverages the robust NB-IoT network. This guarantees consistent and reliable data transmissions, providing stakeholders with peace of mind. Trust the Telemonitron Crack Monitor to offer comprehensive structural health insights when you need them the most.


Minimum Temperature


Maximum Temperature



Remote measurement of structural cracks in X and Y axes

Scanning frequency



IoT technology

NB-IoT. Others upon request


Annual subscription to Panamonitor  and API services required to retrieve dáta



165mm x 110mm x 70mm
Directly fastened onto structure in a manner similar to traditional crack monitors
Lithium primary
3 years typical


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The crack monitor is intended to be used in applications that are difficult to reach, meaning that regujlar visual inspections are costly and infrequent. It is not intended to replace completely the need for visual inspection by a qualified  engineer, but it is expected to reduce the need to visit so often, as eventual daily, weekly or monthly movements are reported as they occur. 

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