Panamonitor – The IoT Dashboard

Panamonitor is Telemonitron’s IoT Dashboard, where technology meets intuitive design.

Our IoT devices seamlessly communicate with the cloud using various networks, including Sigfox, NB-IoT, GSM, and LoRa. Once these devices send their data, the Panamonitor dashboard processes and translates it into easily comprehensible visual displays. 

Customized User Experience

Every user is unique, and Panamonitor recognizes this. Whether you’re an individual client with a single device, an organization overseeing multiple sensors, or an expansive enterprise catering to numerous users, Panamonitor adjusts to suit your needs. It showcases essential data points like the IoT device’s current location, its alert status, recent alert history, and battery level, ensuring you always have a holistic view.

Relevant Data at Your Fingertips

Data overload can be overwhelming. That’s why Panamonitor is meticulously designed to display only what’s most pertinent to you. The dashboard is specialized for each sensor type, ensuring that users aren’t inundated with extraneous information. Every bit of data you see is relevant, providing you with clarity and precision in your decision-making processes.

Sharing and Commissioning Made Easy

Teamwork lies at the heart of any successful venture. With Panamonitor, users can effortlessly share access details with their colleagues, be it for maintenance or any other collaborative effort. And when it’s time to onboard a new device, our “Telemonitron” installation app, exclusively designed for Panamonitor, ensures a smooth commissioning process.

mSemicon is also a provider of customized IoT solutions.
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