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Specialist IoT devices to detect conditions such as sudden flooding, structural defects and more

Products typically developed in collaboration with local authorities in Ireland

The products featured represent just some of those developed so far.
Other developments, including OEM solutions, are underway

How it works

  • Monitors send measured data over IoT networks to Telemonitron servers
  • The servers then process the information.
  • Servers raise appropriate alerts and notify specified teams about it.
  • Status is also presented in-app and dashboard formats
  • Data is also processed in order to extract further information about asset

Telemonitron is an operating unit of mSemicon Teoranta

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Telemonitron specialises in hardy outdoor applications

New products, both proprietary and third party, are constantly being developed.


Device types manufactured so far

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Budget Friendly

Cost effective solutions both in terms of hardware and service costs

Rapid Alerts

Notifications and updates delivered promptly on proprietary UI or via API

Quality Hardware

All products assembed in ISO9001 annd ISO13485 certified facilities

Full Support

All Telemonitron products under contract supported by trained technical staff.

Telemonitron Solutions

Tag Sensor

This IoT device monitors remote assets, alerting authorities through email, a dashboard, or text when an asset is removed. It operates by detecting the absence of a magnetic tag and can be customized for various applications.

Ring buoy monitor

An affordable solution to address the issue of missing ringbuoys. This device detects ringbuoy and rope removal and alerts authorities through email, a dashboard, and optional text alerts. It is adaptable to various casing configurations and comes in yellow, red, and orange.

Panamonitor Cloud Solution

IoT devices usually use Sigfox, NB-IoT, GSM, or LoRa networks to transmit data to the cloud. Panamonitor is the name of the dashboard where this data is displayed. Customised to each client, it offers device location, alerts, battery status, and relevant sensor data and has lots of handy fearures.

Bin Monitor

Not all litter bins become full each day, so it is not necessary to empty them every day either. This is possible when the Telemonitron Bin Monitor is used. This device can be used with standard public wastebins, meaning that that overall cost of installation and operation is lo

Gully Monitor

Compact device detects overflow condition in street gully. Sends immediate signal to the cloud and alerts owner. Normally strapped to the underside of the grill at the top of the gully, but can also be fixed to a bracket in gullies that do not have grills. Can be installed in a very short time. Very robust.

Crack Monitor

An electronic device that reports the status and progress of a structural crack over a period of many years. Its battery has an autonomy of at least three years. The

mSemicon is also a provider of customized IoT solutions.
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