Tank Monitor

Tank Monitor

Discover unmatched precision with Telemonitron’s state-of-the-art tank monitors. Designed meticulously to gauge liquid levels to the millimeter, this device stands as an impeccable choice not only for water but a plethora of other liquids as well. The innovation lies in its non-intrusive measurement method; conveniently positioned atop the tank, the monitor periodically scans the liquid level without ever making contact. This ensures accurate readings without the risk of contamination or wear.

User-Friendly Monitoring with Panamonitor

Stay in the loop with real-time data at your fingertips. Our tank monitor seamlessly integrates with Telemonitron’s IoT dashboard and application, Panamonitor. This user-centric platform allows you to access and analyze the liquid level data, catering to both individual and business needs. Adjust the scanning frequency to meet your unique requirements and benefit from intuitive data visualizations that simplify monitoring.

A Perfect Fit for OEM Applications

At Telemonitron, we understand the diverse needs of the industry. Our tank monitor is not just a product but a versatile solution, welcoming OEM applications. With its adaptable design and high precision, it promises to be a valuable addition to any equipment or system that demands accurate liquid level measurements. Partner with us and elevate the capabilities of your offerings with our cutting-edge technology.


Minimum Temperature


Maximum Temperature



Remote measurement of water and similar liquid level

Scanning frequency



IoT technology

NB-IoT. Others upon request


Annual subscription to Panamonitor or API service required to retrieve dáta



130mm x 50mm x 73mm
Direct installation atop tank
Lithium primary
2-3 years 


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The tank monitor is placed at the top of vessel containing the liquid. It is necessary to make provision for direct visibility between the bottom of the sensor and the top of the liquid. 

Note that the monitor will also typically detect the level of other materials, even non-liquids such as grains, bottles, litter, and more.

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