Emergency Light Monitor

Emergency Light Monitor

In our commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions, Telemonitron has partnered with Safecility to present the Emergency Light Sensor. This innovative device is designed to empower property owners by simplifying the cumbersome task of meeting statutory emergency lighting tests. Bid goodbye to traditional manual testing, as our sensor ushers in an era of automation, ensuring adherence to regulations without the usual hassle.

Efficient, Real-time Monitoring with Seamless Installation

Our Emergency Light Sensor integrates seamlessly with your existing emergency lights. With an effortless attachment process, the sensor takes charge, performing both duration and function tests. It diligently reports results in real time, eliminating the need for any gateway or local internet connection. Plus, with an installation process that’s completed in under 15 minutes, you can have your emergency light system smartly monitored in no time.

Automated Reports via NB-IoT for Prompt Action

One of the standout features is its utilization of NB-IoT to dispatch testing results and reports. This ensures that you’re always in the loop and can swiftly address any detected failures. With Safecility’s expertise, our Emergency Light Sensor eradicates the need for manual inspections, letting you easily pinpoint lighting issues. This not only liberates your resources but also translates to significant cost savings, making the entire process more efficient and economical for you. Choose Telemonitron/Safecility’s Emergency Light Monitor for a more intelligent, cost-effective, and reliable emergency light maintenance solution.


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IoT technology

NB-IoT; LoRaWAN available


Annual subscription to Panamonitor or API service required to retrieve dáta



100mm x 50mm x 20mm
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Wireless Emergency Light Sensor

The Safecility Emergency Light Sensor lets property owners easily meet their statutory obligations to test emergency lighting by replacing manual testing with automated testing.

Sensors are simply attached to your existing emergency lights. The sensor performs duration and function tests and reports the results to you in real time. There is no gateway or local internet connection required and installation takes less than 15 minutes.

Testing results and reports are sent via NBIoT/LoraWAN so that timely action can be taken to fix any failures. Safecility gets rid of the need to manually inspect lights to determine failures, freeing up your resources and saving you money.

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